Bram Van Rompuy

I am a Character TD. I specialise in character and prop rigging, tool development and rig optimization.

I create flexible, fast and animator friendly rigs using various techniques going from hand crafted blendshapes to self coded modular rigging setups.

For building my rigs my main tools are Maya and Python. For blendshape creation I use Mudbox, but Zbrush is also no stranger to me.

To keep my skills up to date I experiment with new rigging setups but also do rigging workshops on the web.

My latest achievement is successfully setting up the rigging workflow for both facial and body rigging on a new feature animation movie. Including; Tool creation of modular rigs for all characters and props, a combination of blendshape and joint based facial rigs and 2D layout pickers for easy selecting controllers.


If you have a question, do not hesitate to contact me!


Contact me at: